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The Unicity Shop has many great health products available globally. Products will vary by country. The Unicity shop includes top products such as: Balance, Bios 7, Bone Fortify, Cleanse, Complete, Feel Great System, Immunizen, Oasis, Probionic, Super Green Plus, Unicity Matcha Energy and Unimate. (Achetez tous les produits Unicity dans le monde entier.)

Balance - Unicity SHOP


Bios7 - Unicity SHOP

Bios 7

Bone fortify- Unicity SHOP

Bone Fortify

Cleanse- Unicity SHOP


Complete - Unicity SHOP

Complete Vanilla

Feel Great System

Feel Great – Lemon & Ginger

Feel Great System Lemon

Feel Great – Lemon

Immunizen - Unicity Shop


Unicity Matcha Tea

Unicity Matcha Tea

Unicity Oasis


Unicity Probionic Plus

Probionic Plus

SuperGreen plus - Unicity Shop

Super Green +


Unimate Citrus

Unimate Ginger Lemon - Unicity Shop

Unimate Ginger Lemon

Unimate Lemon

Unimate Lemon

Recent Review from a Customer

“Loosing over 36 inches off my body & 50 pounds have been a wonderful side effect…”*

– Jacqueline R.

*Results will vary by individual.

About Unicity Shop

At the Unicity Shop, we craft cutting-edge nutritional supplements designed to seamlessly fit into your busy lifestyle, making health and well-being achievable for everyone.

Innovation with Purpose Each Unicity product is conceived from a groundbreaking idea. That concept is transformed into a distinctive supplement at our state-of-the-art, in-house manufacturing facility. Afterward, the product is subject to stringent quality assessments.

The outcome is an impressive array of ingeniously designed products tailored to your health and lifestyle needs. We firmly believe in taking charge of what matters most.

  • State-of-the-Art Research and Development Labs
  • Advanced Manufacturing Facilities
  • Meticulous Quality Control Measures

Our journey at the Unicity Shop started as a single product, but it has since evolved into a flourishing global movement dedicated to fostering health and wellness for millions of people. As we’ve expanded, our core mission—enhancing life quality—has remained steadfast.

Backed by Scientific Expertise

Our three specialized Unicity Shop Science divisions—Research & Development, Quality Assurance, and Regulatory Affairs—work cohesively alongside our independent Scientific Advisory Board (VSAB) to develop and advocate for top-notch, scientifically validated products.

Our Unicity Shop boasts a remarkable track record of creating clinically proven, effective supplements. This excellence allows us to secure exclusive patents and garner numerous accolades.