About Me

Welcome to my corner of inspiration and transformation! 

I’m here to guide busy individuals on their journey to reclaiming health, optimizing metabolism, and achieving sustainable fat loss.

Hi my name is Amelia!

Discovering Health, Fitness, and Biohacking Started my fitness journey as a personal trainer in 2020, I transitioned into nutrition this year to deepen my understanding in holistic health. My journey includes teaching yoga classes, 1 on 1 coaching in person and online along with becoming a certified nutritionist.

I have a growing passion in biohacking, and fasting for optimal health.

Transforming Lives: As a Unicity distributor and wellness coach, I’ve empowered women to achieve their health goals through our products and the innovative Feel Great System.

Continual Growth and Goals: Committed to lifelong learning, my aim for the future is to improve the lives of 100 more individuals, creating a Unicity community dedicated to health, wealth, and their best well-being.