Become a Unicity Distributor/Affiliate in the UK

By becoming a UK Unicity Distributor, you will have the opportunity to build a business as a champion of health and wellness.

Join as a UK Unicity Distributor (Affiliate)

Your business, your way. Unicity is here to help you become a high-performance leader. Our model has everything you need to build a strong, sustainable business that will generate income for you and your loved ones.

Unicity Builder Distributor Pack


Business Builder Pack

Take the first step, and best step, to making lives better with your Feel Great business, by acquiring your Business Builder kit now. It includs a printed Starterkit with Planner & product samples provided. In addition, we will also send you the following attractive free products to try and share: 1x Bone Fortify, 1x OmegaLife-3 Resolv, 1x Bio-C, 1x Probionic Plus 30, 1x BioReishi FX..

  • Unlock 20% commissions on all product sales- always!
  • Enrollment fee waived (€ 26.05 / £29.00 / CHF39.00 excl. VAT)
  • 10 ready-for-resale Feel Great packs including shipper box and diamond bottles
  • Wholesale product pricing
  • 3 active legs away from Manager rank in your first month!
  • Get a website to refer people too
  • Growth incentives (trips and rewards)
  • Weekly Training and Support calls
  • Business building tools
  • Networking opportunities
  • Be part of a community

£2,020.00 £1,075.00- One-time payment


Join as a Distributor

Immediately upon signing up as a Unicity Distributor, you will receive wholesale pricing, the opportunity to purchase product for resale, and an opportunity to qualify for commissions


Build Your Business

Once you’ve seen the benefits of our products and sharing them, you’re ready to share your experience with others. Build your organization by adding others to your team and achieve success together.

Become a Leader

With an established business and a passion for inspiring health and wellness, you’re ready to take the Unicity mission worldwide as you lead others to success.

Consider the Possibilities

Imagine a career that becomes a community, where healthy living and wellness is a way of life, and doing what you love leads naturally to opportunities for success. Being a part of the Unicity family goes beyond simply building a rewarding business. You’ll also enjoy extensive networking opportunities, exclusive hands-on experiences, and a strong sense of community.

Unicity Business Opportunity

Earn Commission by Referring People

With multiple ways to earn income, you have more freedom than ever to enjoy the things you love.

In order to facilitate the best personal experiences, Unicity utilizes a direct selling model.

This approach allows distributors to work with customers, which allows customers to learn about and buy Unicity products like The Feel Great System, Unicity Balance and Unimate with somebody they know and trust.

Why Become a Distributor

  • The cost to become a Distributor is very low.
  • People become Distributors for various reasons. Some Distributors join and sell our products part time to friends and family to earn some extra money. Others sell our products full time.
  • Just like any sales business, earning compensation takes considerable dedication, time, and effort. As such, the compensation earned by our Distributors varies significantly.
Unicity Distributor information

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